Making the academic, practical


Welcome to The Procurement Pracademic, my personal site housing my blog, news stories that I find that I think are worthwhile sharing, some tools that that I have either used, or found that you may find useful and links through to other ideas and sites.

I wanted a place where I could write about all things procurement, supply chain and technology, and it will be a mix of my blogs, a summary of recent articles I have read and  podcasts that i have listened to and general procurement thoughts.

I will also write more detailed articles on a regular basis that explores a little more deeply things that are worthwhile around procurement, supply chain and related tech.  

In case you were wondering where the name pracademic comes from, some time ago a good friend of mine said to me that I made the theory relevant and usable, and he christened me a "pracademic". I liked it and the idea for this site was made!

Whilst I am employed by SAP as their intelligent spend evangelist all thoughts here are my own